We offer a complete Drainage and Plumbing for all of your Residential and Industrial needs.

We know that  blocked drains can be a major headache and disruption. We have tons of experience in working with all sorts of blocked drains in many different types of buildings.

A blocked drain can be caused by many issues from debris, oil, and residue building up in your pipes, all the way through to the forces of nature and tree rots crushing or breaking a pipe. Don’t stress out, just give us a call and we’ll take care of everything!

Grey water is household waste water that has not come into contact with toilet waste. It comes from the bath, shower, bathroom wash basins, washing machines, and laundry trough.

With our Effluent re-use system collecting grey water has become even easier and more environmentally friendly, for more information about these systems don’t hesitate to call us.

Is a gas leak causing you trouble? Or maybe you’re wanting to get one of your Gas or LPG appliances installed in your house? We specialize in:

> Location and repair of gas leaks
> Repair of gas appliances
> Installation of gas appliances

Our gas fitting experts are all fully licensed and have had years of experience on the job. This allows them to do it right the first time, saving you undue hassles in the future.

We pride ourselves on the installation of quality irrigation systems for the domestic and commercial market. Our licensed irrigation foremen have between them over 20 years of installing irrigation systems.

For all your guttering needs;

– Gutters
– Down pipes
– Fascia
– Secret Gutters

and more just give us a call! We can also help you with a large selection of downpipes and all your roofing problems. Tile and metal leaks, ridge capping, flashings and any general repairs.

Need a Septic Tank but don’t have the time to go through the application process? Here at G & G Drainage we take care of it all even those pesky forms.

Septic tank installation can be a daunting task, and one that is best left to an experienced team. Certified and fully trained, our team specialises in septic tank repairs and installations and all types of grey water systems.

No matter the size or the requirement, we can be there.

Everything that is put down your drain and toilet eventually goes through the sewer lines and storm water drains around Melbourne, and it’s not uncommon for those pipes to become blocked.

When a sewer pipe or storm water drain does become blocked, it’s up to the waste consultants at G & G Drainage to clear the blockage without damaging the sewer pipe, storm water drain or the local environment.

Irrigation piping has a number of benefits as it allows for drainage around gardens, retaining walls and other places where moisture can be a problem. Choosing to lay ag pipe will help with the drainage and health of your garden immensely and we have perfect range to suit all your agricultural piping project needs.

A soakpit is a product that is dug into the ground to catch rainwater and allows it to soak into the ground. Soakpits are connected to your down pipes or to a grate in your driveway so when it rains the water does not flood near your house.

If your soakpits are of a good quality and installed correctly they can last a lifetime, once they are installed you can almost forget they are there and your driveways, garden and other outside structures can all be installed as normal.

Treatment plants use either an oxygenation process to promote a more active breakdown process. using natural vegetation to remove nutrients and allow high quality water through to be then irrigated through our  quality grey water irrigation dripper system. This delivers a much higher quality effluent and the distribution via drippers allows for higher distribution of water via trans-filtration or absorption.

Higher Effluent Quality means good water quality which is kind to our rivers, streams, groundwater supplies and our neighbours.

We offer advice in selecting the correct pump for new or replacement installation. The proper pump for the specific application is one which provides optimal water pressure and flow-rate while operating at maximum efficiency to reduce power costs.

Call us for advice on centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, submersible pumps, pressure tanks and mains water to tank automatic switching devices and anything else.